TWO AGENTS: Unlike most companies, you have TWO certified financial planners working for you. Rick and Jessica are a team, with different specialties that compliment each other. Rick is an estate, pension and rollover specialist. Jessica's strengths are retirement/goal planning, insurance and group RRSPs. Since a person's needs and goals evolve over time, having these two advisors working for you enables you to have a set of advisors that can take care of all of your needs.

BUSINESS HOURS: The office is set up so that there is always someone available to help you from 8:30 to 4:30. Rick and Jessica try to alternate their schedules to ensure one of them is in the office. However, if they are not, The Gerald Flaherty Agency has three other full time staff capable of answering many questions.

SUCCESSION PLANNING. If you have not thought of it, you better hope your financial advisor has. How many stories have you heard when an agent unexpectedly retires and the person gets a letter in the mail introducing their "new" agent. Or do you constantly go to the bank to find a new person there to help you. You have to start back at square one, explaining who you are and what your goals are.

Should Rick or Jessica become sick or hurt, the other is readily available to take the other's responsibilities. This ensures that your future needs will be taken care of.



RETIREMENT PLANS: The Gerald Flaherty Agency believes strongly in retirement plan and full financial reviews. Without a retirement plan, how do you know whether you should pay down your mortgage or invest in RRSPs? How do you know how much to invest in RRSPs? How do you determine the type of investments you should be in?

A financial review is necessary as events can change many goals or needs. By getting together each year, we can determine if there needs to be changes made to your investment strategy.

PROFESSIONALS: The industry is constantly changing, tax laws are adjusted, limits are increased, new products are available. How do you stay abreast of everything? Being up to date is a full time job, which is why you should work with a financial professional who is committed to the industry. One of the requirements for Certified Financial Planners is to take 30 hours (double the regulated industry requirement) of continuing education.

Rick is currently studying some courses within financial and estate planning. Jessica recently passed her Branch Managers Course (2005).

BROKERS: The Gerald Flaherty Agency is not tied to one company. This allows us to constantly search the market place for the best products available. Our allegiance is to our clients.




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